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Methodology with Best Practices

Our Company has developed enhancing innovative practices for product development and language learning through an eclectic communicative intercultural post-modernist methodology with an emphasis on customer needs. Postmodernist implies a clear and relevant role of the participant, corporate jargon and context as they all affect communication and performance. This methodology provides the "over-all wrap" throughout the program development and implementation phases.

Our methodology to teaching language has been developed by leveraging and enhancing existing methodologies, frameworks and best practices such as:

  • Postmodernist best practice
  • CEFRL Framework
  • Community Language Learning
  • Communicative Approach
  • Constructionism and Technology
  • EFL (English as a Foreign Language)
  • ESP ( English for Specific Purposes)
  • Oriented Practice and Others

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Language Incorporated's methodological approach to language training is based on the participants being provided the theoretical, practical and cultural background to enable individual learners to construct mental models (constructionism learning method) to understand the world around them and to perform daily tasks.