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Diagnosis through software

In all language programs and products, Language Incorporated follows a similar methodology to ensure a world-class product. Expert skilled consultants administer a diagnosis to each participant to find our participants' baseline is. A carefully administered test at all level skill provides the necessary information to design a linguistic profile for each learner. At the same time, the test helps our consultants find out what the goals and contents of the program are. Each students profile will help instructors plan and implement programs taking into consideration participants learning style, strengths and weaknesses. Finally, the initial linguistic and cultural profile of the students and needs help program coordinators and instructors have a solid base for follow up reports, which eventually determine success.

What is the process of diagnosis?

  • Administering a diagnosis
  • Validating goals and defining gaps
  • Determining processes and procedures
  • Developing and implementing programs with clear modules
  • Providing continuous follow up reports and results

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