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The outcomes of language incorporated programs are guided by major tenets that allow participants to have opportunities to claim membership in our language groups, acquire knowledge such as content and linguistic strategies, practice them and incorporate them into their daily communication experiences, so that they can.

  • Think in English and reach confidence to break the speaking and writing barriers when interacting at work environments
  • Master the jargon and level of formality to communicate with top management, equals, supervisors in and out of the country English speakers
  • Become more confident using the appropriate language when negotiating with corporate proficient English speakers
  • Communicate accurately using accent neutral international English both locally and abroad
  • Implement and practice strategies for efficient public speaking, teleconferences and corporate writing through an informed and fluent use of the language
  • Appreciate the underlying attitudes, values and behaviors of people from English-speaking cultures as well as other languages and cultures to understand them and be understood when interacting with them.

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