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Our Company

Brand Values

  1. Language Incorporated aims to offer the highest standards, always flexible, ready to change to improve our product.
  2. Fluent, but accurate communication has become our main tenet in what we do.
  3. Our company understands that our staff, our clients and the wider community are at the heart of everything, thus, we treat everyone as they deserve respectfully and professionally.
  4. Team work is the only way to keep the company improving and growing acknowledging everybody's ideas in the understanding that they fit our mission and vision.
  5. Ethics, honesty and fairness at work must be consistent.

Our Philosophy

  • We should treat customers as active contributors to the product and development of our language sessions.
  • Time is money. It should equal our customer's investment.
  • Our programs are tailored to customer's needs.
  • With an eclectic approach, we implement multiple methods that respect both the participants learning styles and the teachers mediating styles.
  • We believe in creating an approach that helps strategically our participants use their language in context and not just learn rules. Our approach is always practical.
  • English is the world language for business communication. Our consultants, mediators and translators offer a multicultural and corporate environment.

Our Contacts

Phone: (506) 8396-6679