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Curriculum Vitae

Oscar Jiménez, PhD/MA

ESL/Culture and Curriculum Design in English
Email: ojimenez@languageincr.com

Nationality: Costa Rican
Telephone: 011-506-83966679 (Costa Rica)

Oscar Jimenez is a highly knowledgeable and accomplished professional with a successful 25+-year career academic and corporate in and outside Costa Rica. My experience in English speaking countries has been polished during my work with US Universities , governmental and private organizations such as linguistics, Technology, Telecommunication, Government(US and International (Costarican) political, oil industry, Retail, Call/Client, Health Care(US and Costarican health institutions), tourism, IT services, Finances, Energy and Oil Exploration, Security, the legal sector, finances, entertainment and other services training personnel, translation and interpretation specializing in curriculum design with an specialization in multicultural studies.

Dr. Jimenez has an eclectic background in the design and implementation of language programmes for high level academic institutions, governmental and the private institutions for customer service. Being fully bilingual and bicultural and his academic training abroad have brought a plus to the programmes I have been part of including the most recent projects with Language Inc: Corporate English and Spanish for Foreigners. His experience, socio cultural knowledge and experience at the undergraduate and graduate level in American Universities have helped corporations, institutions and individuals improve their language and cultural understanding and enabled them to reach their goals and strategic objectives. Dr. Jimenez experience as a Fulbright scholar and recipient of graduate scholarships abroad to pursue graduate degrees have allowed him become highly practical and deepen my analytical and research practices at the corporate level. In other words, he has been able to understand and translate current and alternative theory into practice.

Very few individuals have the opportunity to not only study/design language programmes, live and experience language and culture with both proficient and regular citizens in English speaking countries the way he did. As a result, he and his team have the ability to transform, innovate and make participants of their programmes enjoy the benefits of language learning and practice in various registers and acquire strategies to master it at a higher level. His academic training, experience and cultural and linguistic strategies have helped many including both native and non-native speaker students understand their opportunities and increase productivity in various contexts and situations. As a result, Language Incorporated and the team make sure individuals like and understand language as a lifestyle, understand, think and acquire the language at all level skills including the most important, cultural.

Academic and work experience

  • Innovative Theoretical knowledge
  • Qualitative college research
  • Ethnographic research at governmental institutions in Costa Rica and Abroad
  • Programme design and implementation in foreign Universities
  • Programme design and implementation in Costa Rican Universities
  • Graduate and undergraduate experience for group work and student matters
  • Language and cultural programme design and training for private and public entities in Costa Rica and abroad
  • Corporate research and programme design for Service Centers
  • Governmental research and programme design/implementationin Costa Rica and the US.
  • Professional Consulting for the Oil Industry, environment, law firms, hospitals, educational (private and public Universities) and technology entities.
  • Translation and interpretation language and Culturally wise in various corporation in Costa Rica and the USA

Alvaro Artavia Viquez, Lic

Alvaro has a Licensure in Tourism and Hotel Administration at Escuela Superior de Hoteleria in Madrid, Spain.

He pursued a BA in Administration at the University of Costa Rica.

His professional experience is vast. He worked 11 years as a tourism manager in Costa Rica and abroad. Lic Artavia managed Travel agencies in both Costa Rica and New Orleans, LA, USA from 1978 to 1987.

In addition, he became the operations and Aviation manager for DHL, 1988-1993, general manager for Peogeot and Suzuki from 1993-1997 and the Country Manager for Wakenhut-G4S from 1997-2015.

Lic. Artavia has knowledge and speaks Spanish, English, and basic French.

Mario Morera, PhD

Was born in Heredia, Costa Rica. He is a graduate of Universidad de Costa Rica, where he earned a bachelor's degree in English, translation, and literature. He also holds a Master's degree in Interdisciplinary Studies (Spanish, English and Latin-American Studies) from Stephen F. Austin State University, and a PhD degree in Spanish (XX and XXI Centuries Latin American Cultural Studies), with a minor in Portuguese, from Texas Tech University.

His experience in Spanish language teaching and knowledge of language teaching pedagogy with American students dates back to 1996 when he was awarded an ACM scholarship and taught Spanish at Albion College. Upon his return to Costa Rica, he developed a strong 9-year professional relationship with ACM working as a Spanish instructor. That period provided him with all the mental and pedagogical skills necessary to be successful not only in the area of language teaching, but also to learn how ACM operates as an institution.

He is prepared to offer an updated input on the country's cultural, social, economic and political position from the colony up to now. The advantage of being a Costa Rican citizen who did his undergraduate studies in English there also strengthens his scope regarding having broad familiarity with their culture and society.

Since 2011, Dr. Morera has been a contributor to Language Incorporated as a consultant and professor. He has taught in our CINDE Programme Tools for Success and at our corporate programme at Vemsa La Alianza. He has participated in several projects and helped us with content editing in our new Spanish for Foreigners programmes. He will be in charge of the programme called Spanish for Universities. Also, he will support our Spanish for professions and the global Spanish as a consultant.

Our Contacts

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