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Learning General Spanish in Costa Rica is a practical way to boost your confidence in speaking Spanish fluently, improving your pronunciation knowledge, thus, becoming more accurate and fluent. Besides, participants will be experiencing the culture understanding and fitting within a Spanish-speaking context as well as grammar knowledge and vocabulary enriching your communication ability and mastering of the language . For more information on any of our, Spanish courses in Costa Rica, please contact us and select your preferred Spanish course from the list described in the link.

Briefly, Global Spanish consists of everyday Spanish for communication with native and non-native speakers of the language in several forms including:

  • Small groups at different schedules according to group needs
  • One on one for individuals who need personalized treatment and accelerate their Spanish learning
  • Immersion groups for those who need intensive contact with the language.

Language packages include global, one on one, immersion options and cultural trips for daily language practice, full accommodation for immediate practice with local families.

Spanish for professions


Language Incorporated's program offices are located in the heart of business and schools in Costa Rica. We are located in the Central Valley, close to most private and public institutions, landmarks and sites of interest for most professional fields.

Our logistical and strategical consultants make sure you are in a solid Spanish program related to your interests and professions. Most importantly, you will have the opportunity to have practical sessions with experts in your field to exchange, discuss and present issues related to your field. Language Incorporated arranges for very comfortable session rooms, study areas, and technological means with video and audio facilities. It is a great place to come to study, learn and enhance your Spanish. Check details

Spanish for Universities


History and experience of LISAP (Language Incorporated Study Abroad Programs staff): LISAP's academic staff has worked with foreign universities and other academic institutions for over 17 years, including management of cultural and academic programs in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, USA and Spain.

Our Language consultants are able to design General Spanish from 100 to 400 course levels for university students worldwide. We will arrange for programme details, accommodations, logistics, and the many details a programme like this one demands.

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