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These daytime programme and sociocultural tour experiences in Costa Rica are designed for individuals who wish to improve their ability to communicate in Spanish while enjoying the climate and excitement of Costa Rica.

Note: We can offer night classes at request.


You can take a morning only group (Standard Spanish Conversational courses. Of course, we include other skills such as listening, writing and cultural subjects, which are part of the conversational practice ) or a morning and afternoon group called (Intensive Spanish Mini-Group Conversational and other choices such as listening, writing and cultural subjects), as well as a course combining a morning group (with a choice of)with afternoon one-to-one tuition (Spanish immersion Combination Course).

Learning Global Spanish in Costa Rica is a practical way to boost your confidence in speaking Spanish fluently, improving your pronunciation knowledge becoming more accurate and fluent. Besides, participants will be experiencing the culture, understanding and fitting within a Spanish-speaking context. Students will be also enriching your grammar knowledge and vocabulary improving your communication ability and mastering of the language. For more information on any of our, Spanish courses in Costa Rica, please contact us. Select your preferred Spanish course from the list below.

Classes will take place in our various locations. Please check CLICK HERE FOR CLASS headquarters.

Here are some features of the Daytime Global Spanish programmes: There will be:

  • Class sizes at Language Inc are small, with maximum of 12 students in the mornings and 6 in the afternoons applying for most of the year (14 and 8 in summer).
  • Well-qualified and experienced native speaker-graduated teachers who have worked with foreigners. They have intercultural, local and abroad experience. These Spanish experts will be monitored and guided by an academic coordinator
  • A comprehensive system of tutorials, homework and progress checks to make sure visitors are challenged and make the most of their Spanish language course in Costa Rica.
  • A methodology that enables full student participation allied to the stimulating use of technology and Realia.
  • A sociocultural approach with an emphasis on everyday life and corporate approach for students to learn survival patterns to belong into different contexts become confident to communicate in Spanish think in Spanish and speak fluently and accurately in formal and informal environments.
  • Accommodations in carefully chosen families who are trained to help you practice your Spanish and have a wonderful experience while living, sharing cultural experiences with them while in Costa Rica
  • Trips during and on weekends have been carefully selected for you to practice your Spanish and get to know and enjoy Costarican culture and natural richness.

Click here on course icon for details on courses
  • CLICK HERE for details on Standard GLOBAL Spanish Conversational courses (Morning Only)
  • CLICK HERE for details on Intensive Spanish Small-Group(Morning and or afternoon)
  • CLICK HERE for Spanish (Spanish immersion Combination Course).


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