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Tour Packages


The programme will have short trips during the week in the afternoon downtown Sn Jose and in the Central Valley. There will also be short one-day trips and two day-tours during the weekend.

Since Language Incorporated Spanish for Foreigners is a tailor made programme, some of the trips especially those one, two day or more day trips for the Global Spanish will be planned in advance once students have seen the options in the following links and contacted us for arrangements. (Look at links below)



The same options will be offered. However, tours for those professionals or university students who apply and enroll for our programmes will be arranged depending on their needs and additional tours and visits according to their field of study and work. Alliances have been made with public and private enterprises for our participants to be able to visit and interact professional equals in multiple environments connected to their professions.


Generally speaking out one, two or three day trips have several characteristics:

There are some aspects that students should have in mind:

1. Our trips are planned and managed by a team of consultants in Tourism, who not only make sure that all operations and details are arranged carefully and on time for a world class service. Since our programmes are designed, planned and implemented by Language incorporated, the contacts used for information on general programme information are: advisors@languageincr.com, or call our call center 011-506-42003990, Carolina Artavia Capella at any time at 011-506-71025378


2. Our academic department makes sure through our teachers and tourist guides that students in any of our Spanish for Foreigners programme takes advantage of the trips to learn further, practice and enjoy the beauty of Costa Rica.


3. Trips will be planned and done in groups except for those who come by themselves and are willing to pay extra for their own trips. Otherwise, trips will be planned in groups. Since there are several choices of class schedules, those schedules must be respected and followed. Note: the bulk of classes for all programmes are in the mornings during the week Monday through Fridays. The only exceptions are those students who choose intensive or one on one classes, who will have class sessions in the afternoons.


4. City weekly tours will be planned during the week in the afternoons and early evenings. Note: City trips focus on key vocabulary students should know about Costa Rican life and culture, thus students understand the significance of the places, landmarks and natural beauty from an educational point of view. CLICK HERE for city tours and two and three day tours.

5. Two, three and more day trips planning, length and arrangements will depend on how many weeks students stay in Costa Rica. WE remind you that your main goal is to learn and or improve your spoken Spanish.


6. Those who take three or more weeks of Spanish with us have the option of taking group classes both in the capital of Costa Rica and in the country. Please contact us for details. Please check the links below for Mawamba and Trogon. For example, there are several places you can visit. Among them there are two that stand out for many reasons:

A. MAWAMBA LODGE: at Mawamba Lodge, students will take classes and have access to beautiful areas such as: Parks, the beach, a floating conference room, the Karonga floating restaurant, kayaking, a night tour, private trails, restaurant and bar, souvenir shop, and access to Tortuguero canals. Check like for photos of Mawamba Lodge:


B. TROGON LODGE: At Trogón Lodge, you will enjoy beautiful rooms, Canopy
Tour (Tirolina) for beginners, A walk looking for the Mythic Quetzal and enjoy the beauty of the área, a two hour Bird waching walk with and without transportation, , Horse riding in the beautiful área of San Gerardo de Dota and enjoy nature, Cabalgata (2hr), horse riding and waterfalls (3 ½ hr), at a 3000 msnm the PARAMO offers variety of birds and plants in áreas at a high altitude, A walk to the CERRO DE LA MUERTE (6 Hrs) enjoying the flora and fauna of the área, A una altitud de 3300 msnm el Paramo ofrece una variedad de aves y plantas que se encuentran en esta zona de altura. Descúbralas con su guía, among other tours.


For those who take classes for more than two weeks, there will be additional trips. For example, there will be week stays at beautiful locations in the country. Classes will take place there,

The first three days of stay, operations department will coordinate trips according to interests students may have.

We offer the opportunity to have our tours all across Costa Rica. Tour schedules and prices can be coordinated through our operations department at advisors@languageincr.com .
There will also be a couple of days off for short trips of your choice and or with your host if you families in the afternoons.

When you stay out of town for a week or so, there will be specific details you need to know about the place you will stay, what you will enjoy naturewise and other aspects which become added value for the programme advisors@languageincr.com

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