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Language Incorporated translates your institutional or personal needs into attainable outcomes. Through an in depth analysis of your needs, our consultants will create value for our customers producing value for you. How do we achieve it? Language Incorporated leads systematic research including interviews with our clients, analysis of their information and program design required by institutions or private customers.

We provide and ensure the highest quality services and programs on site to you. Your staff, employers, employees will be able to convert their professional or cultural knowledge and experience into measurable outcomes with strategically oriented solutions, programs and personal advice. Your needs and concerns are acknowledged promptly.

SOME OF OUR CLIENTS includes Vemsa La Alianza, Fundación Omar Dengo, G4S, Bank of America, CINDE, : Tools for Success, Fiserv, Asamblea Legislativa, Levis, MEP Pronie, Universal Music, among others.

I took English classes with professors of the Language Incorporated staff for about two years. During that period, we followed a program focused on accent neutralization, public speaking, and business writing and conversation; moreover, I always appreciated the wiliness and dedication of Dr. Jimenez and his staff to adapt their programme and classes in order to close specific gaps or to support business needs. I am grateful for I have learnt from Language Inc. staff. Those skills I apply every day in my job.
FM Manager at Software and Financial Corporation.

I would like to share few lines to refer to the learning experience I had with Language Inc. while I was working for Fiserv. During the period of the classes, I was one of the most regular students. I was able to refine my English and apply the knowledge on my daily job there. Moreover, I am proud to say that thanks to the lessons, oral presentations and useful tips, I have been able to face several business meetings as well as casual conversations with my partners and friends with great success. It is a constant process. Although I am no longer a student of Language Inc., I can say that the foundations I learned there, plus the ones that I already had, have helped me a lot being even more successful. I highly recommend Language Inc. due to the high quality of the materials and methodologies during classes. Thanks for your dedication and useful strategies to transmit the knowledge you have to all of your students.
Ing. Harold Méndez D Senior Data Analyst

Hereby I am very pleased to recommend the company Language INC. for two years, we as managers have received an English programme, focused on the management team of our company. The results have been excellent; we have improved a lot our communication skills in English. The methodology and the materials used make the class fully developed. The teachers are outstanding.
For more information, JO Manager at a Tourism Global.

I have been taking classes one on one with Language Incorporated professors since 2012 and I certify that I have improved my English in a deal that I have never done before. I have also feel more confident when I travel and go to international meetings in which I have to present the status of the company in English.
VS. CFO Global Company.

The professors from Language Incorporated have provided us with premium serviced. They have tailored and implemented an innovative business language programme for our personnel at the operations, HR and financial areas who have improved their language proficiency to the point they could communicated fluently when giving presentations and reports in English when meeting with headquarters from England.
AA General Manager. Global company.

TMy position requires me to communicate in English with visiting professors and students from English speaking countries, the way the instructors from Language Incorporated have trained me, and has helped me reduce my accent making me aware of the pronunciation of different phonemes in oral communication. My written skills have also improved noticeably. I have learned to be more accurate and demanding in choosing the proper words to write.
RZ International consultant and professor at a worldwide renowned Business School.

The experience with Language Incorporated has been very useful because the first year we became confident and knowledgeable enough in English as a tool to speak in English at work, receiving visits who spoke only English, interact with them by mail, participate in meetings, present our projects and receive feedback from them.
MZ Directora de área de Investigación y Evaluación. Institución formación informática y tecnológica.

Consultants at Language Incorporated show a high professional level. They not only master the language, but also identify the participant's strengths and weaknesses to help them individually taking advantage of each person's abilities. Some of the consultants' highlights are their high level of pronunciation, vast vocabulary, and expert knowledge in grammar as well as being able to adapt the learning environment to the participants needs..

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