Global Spanish is an Intense programme for groups and individuals in the business and education sectors

Learning Spanish in Costa Rica is the practical way to boost your confidence in speaking Spanish fluently. Our programmes include socio-cultural experiences and an eclectic, methodology implemented by professional instructors. By experiencing the culture within a Spanish-speaking context you will become more accurate in your vocabulary choices. Learning proper grammar from linguists will dramatically enrich your communication ability and mastering of the language.

Global Spanish programmes include:

  • One-on-one for individuals who need personalized attention and accelerated learning.
  • Small groups with schedules according to group needs.
  • Immersion groups for those who need intensive contact with the language.

Global Spanish has two main foci: Spanish for professionals and Spanish for Universities' staff and students.


Spanish for professionals was created with the goal of allowing individuals already set up in their careers to enrich their language skills while learning the jargon of their field by interacting with equals in their professions, through fieldwork ,and with locals in the areas they visit and places they stay.

Language Incorporated' s programme offices are located in the heart of businesses and schools in Costa Rica. The Central Valley is close to most private and public institutions, landmarks and sites of interest for most professional fields.

Our logistical and strategical consultants make will create a tailored Spanish programme related to your interests and profession. Most importantly, you will have the opportunity to have practical sessions with experts in your field to exchange and discuss issues related to your particular business interests. Language Incorporated provides comfortable session rooms, study areas, and the appropriate technology (video and audio) for an exceptional learning environment.


Language Incorporated’s Study Abroad Programmes (LISAP) have academic staff with extensive experience working with foreign universities and other academic institutions for over 17 years, including management of cultural and academic programmes in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, USA and Spain.

Our Language consultants are able to design General Spanish from 100 to 400 course levels for university students worldwide. We will arrange for tailored programmes, accommodations, logistics, and the many details a highly dynamic learning environment demands.


The interest in the sociocultural dynamics that defines Costa Ricans has been a constant magnet for academic programmes. Institutions from multiple latitudes and orientations prefer Costa Rica as a point of interest and development of courses, classes and all sorts of pedagogical and social activities because the country offers a politically and economically stable and safe environment that other countries in the region do not have.

Our highly educational structure has enabled us to design and implement academic language programmes in multiple areas, such as health and medicine thanks to our strong public health system; social sciences because of our diiverse cultural identity; and science and biology due to our abundant biodiversity.

Our Teachers have pursued their degree in primarily Spanish and Education. Some of our experts also have a degree in English linguistics. They are “Spanish as a Second Language” as well as bilingual experts who understand the participants’ strengths and the language learning process because of their mother language and a second language expertise.

They have also lived abroad for 5, 10 or more years, which provides them with academic and sociocultural backgrounds to make sure your programme fits your needs and appeals to you

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Language packages include cultural trips for daily language practice and accommodations for immediate practice with local families. You can choose morning or afternoon modules or just one of those. Our eclectic programme is all inclusive, paying attention to your skills, such as listening, writing and cultural subjects as part of conversations practice. Classes will take place in one or various locations, based on your specific needs.

A sample of our Global Spanish programme includes:

  • Small class sizes, with a maximum of 12 students in the morning and 6 in the afternoon during most of the year (14 and 8 in the summer).
  • Instructors who are native-speakers with college degrees in various disciplines of linguistics. Our instructors also have experience teaching abroad and in inter-cultural environments. Their instruction is monitored and guided by an academic coordinator.
  • A comprehensive system of tutorials, homework and progress checks to insure students are challenged and make the most of their Spanish language course and immersion experience.
  • A proven methodology that enables full student participation, allied with the stimulating use of technology.
  • Analysis of strengths and weaknesses for content based learning.
  • Fieldwork and extra-curricular activities, including exposure to professional environments and experts in the participant’s areas of interest.
  • A socio-cultural approach with emphasis on everyday life, as well as a corporate approach for students to learn survival patterns in different contexts with the goal of becoming confident and fluent in formal and informal environments.
  • Accommodations carefully chosen with families who are trained to help you practice your Spanish and have a wonderful experience while living and sharing cultural experiences with them in beautiful Costa Rica.
  • Trips in the afternoons or weekends will be carefully selected and planned, and will enable you to practice Spanish while surrounded by Costa Rican’s culture and natural richness.