Our privileged location and proven methodology make us the best choice to fulfill your communication needs.


Our professors adapt to teaching methods to create personalized experiences whether in a traditional classroom setting or 100% online in real-time. We understand the value of taking online lessons without compromising the full experience of dynamic and personalized relationships. All online lessons are carefully designed by college-graduated professors to achieve the following:

  • Organized courses with accurate schedules and clear instructions (before, during, after)
  • Materials are available on our online platform before each class. Having content and vocabulary beforehand allows participants to focus on conversational exercises with the instructor.
  • Relevant exercises and feedback
  • Solid topics
  • Dynamic visual content
  • Appropriate software for each learning experience allows participants to develop skills for conversation, listening, reading, vocabulary, cultural understanding, etc.

Costa Rica

Due to its historical, geographical and educational traditions, Costa Rica developed a unique identity as a peaceful, democratic, brewing-ground for trade, technology and tourism. The country's characteristics provide us with the means to understand how to interact , negotiate and exchange knowledge with people from other cultures. As a leader in tourism, technology and bio-diversity advocacy, Costa Rica has experienced an accelerated trend in the need for specialized language training, mainly because of foreign direct investment and the settlement of transnational companies.

Language Incorporated is capable of fulfilling the needs of multinational companies, private institutions and individuals with tailored language programmes. Experienced consultants with college degrees are prepared to help, from high level officials to services staff in their desire to increase their personal opportunities and business growth through improved communication skills.


Our unique methodology to teaching language has been developed by leveraging and enhancing existing proven methodologies, frameworks and best practices such as:

  • Postmodernist best practice
  • CEFRL Framework
  • Community Language Learning
  • Communicative Approach
  • Constructionism and Technology
  • EFL (English as a Foreign Language)
  • ESP ( English for Specific Purposes)
  • Oriented Practice and Others
  • Diagnosis through software

In all language programmes and products, Language Incorporated follows a similar methodology to ensure a world-class product. Expert skilled consultants administer a diagnosis to each participant to find his or her baseline. A carefully administered test at all level-skill provides the necessary information to design a linguistic profile for each learner. At the same time, the test helps our consultants find out what the goals and contents of the programme are. Each students profile will help instructors plan and implement programmes taking into consideration participants learning style, strengths and weaknesses. Finally, the initial linguistic and cultural profile of the students and needs help programme coordinators and instructors have a solid base for follow up reports, which eventually determine success.

Language Incorporated’s programmes allow participants to acquire linguistic strategies, practice them and incorporate them into their daily communication experiences, so that they can:

  • “Think in English”, and reach the confidence to break the speaking and writing barriers when interacting in work environments.
  • Master industry jargon and level of formality to communicate with English speakers at the top management level, supervisors and equals.
  • Become confident using complex grammar and the appropriate language terms when negotiating with corporate and other proficient English speakers
  • Communicate accurately using accent neutral international English both locally and abroad.
  • Implement and practice strategies for efficient public speaking, participate in teleconferences and corporate writing through an informed and fluent use of the language.
  • Appreciate the underlying attitudes, values and behaviors of people from English-speaking cultures as well as other languages and cultures to understand them and be understood when interacting with them.
  • Incorporate the multiple language skills acquired to support brand image and gain an edge through an international professional profile.


For over 10 years our EFL and SSL culturally oriented team of experts have proven the value of detailed processes and exclusive methodology in a socio-cultural framework. Our unique programmes have allowed thousands of people to become bilingual and confident in the high level of their pronunciation skills and cultural awareness. These are a few of the clients we have the privilege to serve:


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