Immersion Programme in Costa Rica

PrimeSPANISH is a tailored ‘travel and learn’ programme for groups and individuals with high expectations.Our professional linguists will provide unparalleled levels of instruction in an amazing tropical setting.


Language Incorporated’s years of experience allowed us to identify the need for a flexible and effective immersion optionbased on our proven, core methodology. We created the PrimeSPANISH programme to offer lessons and dynamic immersion experiences for those special clients who want to take their communication skills to the next level. Whether you are at the beginner’s level or you want to enhance your vocabulary or pronunciation, the programme is implemented around your busy work schedule or in conjunction with your own interests:

  • Business/Industry goals
  • Negotiating skills
  • Real Estate investing
  • Pronunciation improvement
  • Luxury vacation
  • Sabbatical
  • Retirement plans
  • Cultural awareness goals

Add meaning to your learning experience by adding industry overview modules to your PrimeSpanish programme!

Language Incorporated has a broad network of collaborators and can provide lectures and informational sessions with field experts about your interests in Costa Rica.


For decades tourists and business executives have enjoyed the amazing tropical setting of Costa Rica. The country is famous for its long-term investments in education, healthcare, technology and the environment. For those looking to take their desire to learn and impact their professional and personal lives in a new way, we offer individual assessments for goal setting, carefully designed language and pronunciation modules, as well as one-on-one instruction sessions.

Costa Rica’s location in the heart of the American Continent gives it a privileged climate. The country is home to 5% of the Earth’s biodiversity. As one of the oldest democracies in Latin America, the country has no army and invests a high percentage of GBP in education. Gorgeous natural resources, and human innovation, quality and productivity attract businesses, investors and tourists alike.


Language instruction times are designed with your vacation or business plans in mind and can be provided for a short time (1 or 2 weeks), or as a mid/long-term project. Whether you are in Costa Rica for business reasons and you want to improve or learn Spanish, or if you want to create an unforgettable educational experience for your entire family, we are certain that PrimeSPANISH is the best option to reach your goals.

We will create a top-level learning experience around your schedule or planned visit to Costa Rica. Learning a language with the help of linguistics professionals implies a faster track, yet your learning process will encompass grammatical building blocks, accurate vocabulary choices and pronunciation-polishing models to achieve an enriched experience that a simple language ‘course’ can’t provide.

Our comprehensive programme includes services as requested:

  • Private lessons with professional instructors
  • Eclectic methodology
  • Luxury transportation
  • Accommodations in exclusive hotels, condos or private rentals, in the city or at the beach
  • Adventure trips
  • Educational trips
  • Custom itineraries


Contact us to learn about the best Spanish immersion programme in Latin America. We can’t wait to hear from you and be part of your plans and possibilities!

PrimeSPANISH Advisors