Terms and Conditions

This e-com site is a virtual store owned by Language Incorporated – legal ID 3-101-580970- which is dedicated to the SALE OF SERVICES, design and implementation of foreign language and Spanish courses in person and online, as well as to creating language programs with cultural components or situations involving interaction with foreign language speakers for international travelers, or other services requiring translation and interpretation of a foreign language, including English and Spanish.  If you make a purchase through this site you accept the terms and conditions; please review them carefully.

It is a requirement for the purchase of the products offered by this site, that you read the following Terms and Conditions.

The use of our services, as well as the purchase or our products implies that you have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions of Use in this document.


Payment Terms

All payments will be executed by credit or debit card, Visa or Master Card, through the platforms of BANCO NACIONAL; all customer data is confidential and will be safeguarded by BANCO NACIONAL.
At the customer’s request before the service is received, a direct money transfer can be sent to the accounts provided by (https://www.languageincr.com).


Data Privacy

When purchasing online on our site (https://languageincr.com) the customer must make sure to safekeep the trust and security of their data and account, and to restrict the access on their computer or electronic device, to avoid inappropriate use by third parties.

If the customer considers that their data or accounts are being used by third parties, they must notify (https://languageincr.com) immediately.

All data provided through the website, are confidential and only information to finalize the purchase between the two parties is requested. Data will not be shared with third parties with no exception.  The customer registered under (http://www.languageincr.com) allows this company to notify them of promotions, events or other items of interest.


Cancellation of orders

If the customer considers it necessary they can cancel the order within the first hour of making the purchase, by informing (https://www.languageincr.com) of the cancellation, in case of having obtained the payment for the order (https://www.languageincr.com) will have 48 hours to return the funds or the amount of time necessary required by the credit or debit card operator.



Returns of services or requests through the website are accepted within 48 hours of having reviewed the purchase and can be applied to change of dates or substitutions for other services.  In case that the customer does not require the service anymore the return of the payment will be made within 48 hours.  The return of payment will be effected through the customer’s credit card used for the purchase (https://languageincr.com) reserves the right to modify any information on its website without previous notification to its customers. The use of images or text on this website is strictly prohibited.


Subscriptions – purchase of services

The subscription to courses, classes materials or the purchase of services, programs, and any other product or service provided by (https://www.languageincr.com) will be paid ahead of time and in recurring cases at the moment or at the time of the intervals ahead of time that are specified for this type of services or product.  If we are not able to process your payment we will notify you and we will reserve the right to suspend or cancel the product or service.


Intellectual property

The customer accepts that all the materials, products, and services provided through our site(s) are property of Language Incorporated (https://www.languageincr.com) and its affiliates, suppliers or licentiate partners including all of the author’s rights, brands, patents, images, videos, logos, icons, audios and other intellectual property.  The customer accepts and understands that they cannot utilize, reproduce or redistribute the intellectual property of Language Incorporated (https://www.languageincr.com) in any form, including electronic or digital registers or under new brands.


User Accounts

As a customer, or user of our services or products, you accept the responsibility of providing correct information and to maintain the security of the information that identifies you.  You will also be responsible for the activities that happen in your account or under your password when purchasing or participating in the use of our products, materials or digital platforms of Language Incorporated (https://www.languageincr.com).  If you identify possible problems with the security of your account you must inform us immediately.  We reserve the right to terminate the use of accounts or services, edit or remove content or cancel orders at our discretion.
We do not discriminate on the basis of age, race, national origin, gender, sexual orientation or region.  The purchase of our services must be executed by customers who are 18 years old or older.


Use of public content

Content such as text, graphics, images, music, software, audio, video, information and other materials generated or posted online or on social media by users when utilizing our services are the responsibility of the user.  If you share or post this material, you accept the use of such by Language Incorporated (https://www.languageincr.com), who reserves the right to utilize these testimonies in public forums without limitations, irrevocably and without compensation or obligation to the user.  You may remove this content from online media, if it is physically possible.  We are not responsible for removing content generated by users.

When interacting with other users or third parties, you accept to be careful and to protect your personal security by being responsible of the rights and privacy of others.


Links and references to other pages and services

Language Incorporated (https://www.languageincr.com) may publish general information about third parties or other providers of services for the benefit of users of our services. This information may be utilized by our users under their own responsibility.  Language Incorporated (https://www.languageincr.com) is not responsible for other websites, information, products or services from other providers.


Disputes and limits of responsibility

Language Incoporated (https://www.languageincr.com) is not responsible for loss, negligence or damages that may occur when utilizing the services or information of our site(s) incorrectly.  We are not responsible for interruptions or loss caused by circumstances outside of our control or caused by third parties. We reserve the right to edit, modify or change these terms.